Archival projects

One of our goals is to stimulate cultural, social and educational activity. We carry out educational projects as well as projects involving dissemination of local, cultural and natural heritage. Our projects support growth of local leaders, civic activity, intra- and inter-sectoral cooperation. The Foundation is an active member of the Council of Non-Governmental Organizations of Zgierz. Every year, it organizes the Zgierz Weaver’s/Weaver’s Day in cooperation with the Town of Weavers Cultural Park, Town Museum and schools in Zgierz. Many of our projects are intergenerational. In 2013 in cooperation with the Day Care Center and MOPS we implemented IMPULS project financed by the Civic Initiatives Fund. In 2015 as a leading organization together with the Council of Non-Governmental Organizations of Zgierz we implemented the Synergy of Generations project as part of the Social Activity of Senior Citizens program. For several years, we have been supporting local authorities in the implementation of policy of social inclusion of senior citizens through projects co-financed by the Municipality e.g., Computer Without Stress workshops, allowing seniors to gain basic computer skills and memory and creativity trainings. Thanks to the financial support of the Minister of Digitization, we received 6 laptops for the Digital Senior Club, which was created in December 2022.